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UKIP on cyclists in the UK

Published by Matt Polaine | Filed under Cycling infrastructure

Risking publicity for UKIP, I hope that those reading this blog are more pro-cycling than petrolhead or Clarkson mentality. I’m certainly not linking to the UKIP.

The local Cambridge Cycling Campaign sent out a questionnaire to the local election candidates asking about their views on a selection of key cycle infrastructure/culture issues. Many did not bother to reply, of those that did, most were ‘political answers’, but the UKIP’s Peter Burkinshaw sums up White Van Man culture of the UK;

Q. Do you have any other general cycling-related comments or points?

A. “Provision for cyclists is already adequate. Please remember that motorists are the people who pay to use the roads whereas cyclists are “freeloaders”. They are entitled to use the roads but not disproportionately”.

“If everyone cycled, as you suggest, there would be no roads to ride on”.

If this represents the honest opinion of the majority of politicians - and honesty is somewhat lacking in UK politics right now - then Peter Burkinshaw represents a new level of local government ignorance born out of a motor-myopic culture, sentencing many to an early death and massive NHS burden from an obesogenic timebomb and gridlocked towns and cities.

God help our children with people like this in local government.

May 28th, 2009

3 Responses to “UKIP on cyclists in the UK”

  1. Matt Polaine Says:


    44% have responded to the questionaire, but most haven’t answered all the questions. See them all here:


  2. WestfieldWanderer Says:

    The ignorance of these people is utterly unbelieveable!

    Have they never read their council tax bill?

    My local authority’s budget for Highway maintenance is 6.9% of their budget, which means your typical householder is paying around £100 per year “road tax”.

    Politicians! They must rate somewhere below used car salesmen and estate agents as the most derided specimens of the species.

  3. Matt Polaine Says:

    Now we have the BNP to deal with….

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