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LEL photos

Published by Matt Polaine | Filed under Cycling

Here are some photo links from the LEL. Some of my choice ones below. It looks like I came out of the event lightly compared to these riders!

Someone caught me napping.

Flickr search for LEL

Broken crank.

What stopped car?

Parts sharing

Ideal bikes for English weather?

The best it got up Yad Moss.

Half the event was like this, a typical English summer.

LEL YouTube postings.

September 3rd, 2009

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  1. Matt Polaine Says:

    The final amount raised for The Orchid Charity was £1,150.70, just £249.30 short of my target £1 per kilometre of £1,400, however I did ‘only’ manage 821.6km, but I stress 722 of those kilometres was done in just 57hrs before I cycled into a tornado at midnight in Cumbria…

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